Dangers of Holding Urination While Traveling

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Although it looks trivial, the habit of holding back urination is not good for health. Check out the dangers of holding urine and how to overcome them below.

The Impact of Holding Urination Frequently While Traveling
Urinating or urinating is a natural habit that everyone does. By urinating, metabolic waste substances that are no longer needed will be wasted. Here are some of the consequences of holding back urination that can occur:


If you hold your pee for too long, for example while traveling, you will often feel pain around the lower abdomen and around the waist.

This pain sometimes lasts for some time even though you have finished urinating. This can be caused by stretching the muscles around the bladder that are too long to expand.

Bladder Swelling

The bladder is elastic. This organ can hold urine before it is ready to be excreted. When it starts to fill up, the brain receptors will send a signal to the bladder to expel the existing urine.

If you have a habit of frequent holding back urination, the bladder will often stretch and it will be difficult to receive signals from the brain. As a result, bladder swelling occurs and you may need a urinary catheter to help drain urine.

Urinary tract infection

Frequent holding of urination most often causes urinary tract infections (UTIs). Urine contains waste that is not needed by the body and must be expelled immediately. The longer urine stays in the bladder, the more likely it is that bacteria can colonize.

Some signs and symptoms of a UTI include burning sensation or pain when urinating, pain in the lower abdomen, anyang-anyangan, not infrequently the urine is accompanied by blood. If this condition is not treated properly, the infection can spread to the kidneys.

Stones in the Urinary Tract

In addition to UTIs, holding back urine can cause stones in the urinary tract. Stones in the urinary tract are formed due to mineral deposits (such as calcium or uric acid) in the urinary tract organs.

Usually the symptoms felt are pain when urinating, urinating, to complaints of abdominal pain and back pain that may come and go.

Kidney failure

Kidney failure can be the end result of the most feared. This condition can arise because the kidneys fail to filter out body waste and are excreted in the urine.

Infection and the presence of stones in the urinary tract are the most common causes of kidney failure.

No Need to Hold Urination, Overcome With This

Because holding back urination can cause health problems, here are some tips for you so you don’t have to hold back urination when traveling:

Peeing Before Traveling
If you are traveling long distances and are afraid of getting stuck in the middle of the road, it’s best to take a pee before traveling. With an empty bladder, it will not make you suddenly have to stop urinating or hold urine for too long.

Don’t Drink Too Much Water
If you feel thirsty on a trip, make sure you drink slowly, with moderate amounts of water or fluids.

It is true that drinking water is necessary to keep the body properly hydrated. However, if the amount is excessive and does not have time to be excreted through urine (because of holding urine, for example), then it can have a bad impact on health.

Avoid Consuming Caffeinated Drinks
Drinking coffee or soft drinks while traveling long distances is indeed refreshing. However, you should avoid this type of drink when traveling.

The reason is, caffeinated drinks are diuretics where they excrete more water in the body. That is, these drinks will make you urinate frequently.

Avoid Overeating
Eating a snack or eating heavy food that tastes sweet, spicy, or salty is indeed a friend on a trip. However, make sure you don’t overdo it.

These foods can stimulate excessive thirst. So don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to pee more often.

Use Diaper
Long journeys and no public toilets or rest areas must be excruciating. One way to work around this is to use a diaper so you don’t have to hold your pee anymore.

This is very important to consider, especially for those of you who have medical conditions. For example, being pregnant, benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), urinary incontinence, and kidney failure.

One of the recommended adult diapers is Confidence Adult Care. You don’t need to be ashamed of using adult diapers, because Confidence diapers provide the type of diaper according to your needs.

Starting from adhesive diapers (for people who are sick or who need bed rest), pants diapers (for people who are still active), and the type of pads (for people who can’t hold their urine when they cough, sneeze, or laugh).