10 Things to Look For When Traveling to Turkey

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Recently, Turkey has been included in the list of favorite countries for Indonesian travelers. Before visiting the country, here are a series of tips for travelers.
Turkey makes Istanbul, as if as a playground for travelers. There is everything in the city, including the contradiction of the very famous market but also has a comfortable quiet spot.

Meanwhile, the nation’s capital Ankara is a political center. Ankara is more modern and organized than Istanbul.

Apart from Istanbul, a traveler can go to the surrounding cities. What do you need for a trip to Turkey?

Here are 11 things not to miss when traveling to Turkey:

  1. Stop at Flea Market and The Grand Bazaar
    Istanbul has quite a number of flea markets. Among them, Kadikoy Tarsisi is a destination for enjoying a variety of foods.

There is also Ferikoy Antika Pazri which provides jewelry, clothes, shoes, lights, radios and others.

In addition, there is the Grand Bazaar. The Istanbul Guide notes that the area is quite old, having been built since 1461. At that time there were 4,000 shops and 60 intersections, on an area of ​​30,700 square meters.

  1. Choose the Best Period to Travel to Istanbul
    A number of travel sites advise travelers to visit Turkey in the months of October, September, May or April. Because, in summer the air temperature will be very high. It could have come during that period, but traveling around the city and tourist destinations will not be comfortable.

In May or April, Turkey also has a tulip festival. In addition, Turkey also holds the Turkish Film Festival in April.

  1. Tasting Lemon and Turkish Coffee Restaurant Treats
    Trip 101 recommends travelers in Turkey try Kestane, Doner and pide sweets. Well, for the restaurant there is one place that must be visited, namely the Lemon Restaurant. The restaurant provides bread made by means of wood-baked and diners can choose according to taste.

Tourists are also advised to taste Turkish coffee. Give Recipe mentions that Turkish coffee is usually served with sugar and heated in an ibrik or cezve. One of the recommended cafes is Caffetopia. Usually, Turkish coffee is enjoyed with cheesecake.

  1. Take advantage of the plane or bus
    Based on SmartTravel, you can use a bus or called a coach to go from one city to another. Usually, buses provide Wi-Fi and bottled mineral water, sandwiches, cakes. In addition to buses, travelers can choose a mini bus called the Dolmus.

You know if you have enough money and short time, a traveler can use an airplane.

  1. Record Landmarks in Important Cities
    Referring to Planet Ware, Turkey’s landmark is Pergamum, formerly called Bergama. The building is an ancient theater with a capacity of 10,000 people. This theater is also special because it is called the steepest theater in the world.

In this area there are other buildings that smell Roman. Among them, the Acropolis, the altar of Zeus, the ruins of the Temple of Trajan, the Temple of Athena, and the Palace of Pergamum.

  1. Turkish Currency
    11 Things to Look For When Traveling to TurkeyPhoto: Getty Images/Chris McGrath
    Turkey uses the lira for cash transactions. However, tourists can also use a credit card or ATM.

How about tipping in Turkey? Many say that you don’t need to tip in Turkey, but it’s also polite enough to tip 10 percent.

  1. Cheap Tickets
    Referring to Cheap Flight, travelers who intend to travel to Turkey are advised to buy tickets in February. In addition, midweek options, such as Wednesday, are said to be the best time to fly to Turkey.
  2. Turkey’s 2 Best Beaches
    Travel Away recommends Clepoatra Beach and Cirali Beach to other travelers visiting Turkey. Cleopatra Beach has white sand and there are many coffee shops and restaurants.

Cirali Beach is no less cool. If you are lucky, you can find turtles.

9. Spot Wisata Wajib

In addition to the landmarks of Pergamum, Turkey has a tourist spot that is a favorite of tourists around the world. Among them. Blue Mosque built by Sultan Ahmed 1 in the Ottoman dynasty in the 14th century, then Galata Bridge, Cappadocia which is 12 hours from Istanbul, the old city of Konya, Mevlana Museum, Topkapi Palace and Istiklal Street and Pamukkale hot springs, and Blue lagoon. 9. Mandatory Tourist Spots

  1. Visa
    Travelers from Indonesia can take advantage of a Visa on Arrival (VoA) which is valid for 30 days and can be processed directly in Turkey.